Multi branding

Adidas World of Sports. International idea competition entry.


We decide to expand the Adidas brand strategies to the campus itself. 

Three new diverse but integrated devices for sport, leisure and experimentation will answer to the challenges raised by this growing and changing site.


Concentrate and connect: THE BRAND STRIPES


The first move of the project is branding the site, in the most obvious way. The gigantic dimension of the open spaces of the Adidas campus site is crossed by three linear platforms: the 3 stripes of the logo that connect the campus in the North-South direction, bridging the site across the edge of the railway cutting through it. These three long platforms, each with a specific character, color, and atmosphere work as a condenser for the new programs and the necessary structures for the new campus.

They embody three main aspects of Adidas branding strategy as a whole. Sport, in the red rubber athletic stripe. Leisure in the wooden platform, containing water features and rest areas. Experimentation in the polished concrete band, with spaces for fashion catwalks, coworking office canopies and elements of street culture.


Life in motion: THE HIGHWAY

The highway shortens the walking times between the North and South Campuses by the means of a geometrically shaped device: a half-circle moving walkway connects the 3 hotspots and bridges the ring road and railways.

This slowly but constantly moving belt (15 km/h) is flanked by an optimized small-scale network of walking-riding-rolling paths: these shortcuts between the main buildings will remind the

original park-like paths, remodelled according to a new efficiency concept.

Highway and networks will generate a “life in motion” landscape, integrating the diverse structures of the world of sports but also promoting encounters and exchanges between the individual workers of the Adidas group.


Get inspired by nature: LANDSCAPE DIVERSITY


Beside these moving scenarios, the surrounding landscape comes into the project site expanding the existing green T.

Natural and rural landscapes become new materials to configure inspiring atmospheres: humid and dry woodlands, meadows, grasslands and field for butterflies and bees.

The plants will be selected according to their specific properties

or inspiring potential, like pigments, textures or particular structures.

Both the stripes and the highway devices will cross and overlap the green T in more than one point. These multiple connections will stimulate new visions and encourage new uses, thus helping employees to constantly develop and improve their work.


welcome to the new adidas world of sports