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Culture House + Urban Ring in Aviano (Italy) - 2nd  Prize

competition for the Innovative schools in Italy

team: arch. Alessio Valmori; arch. S. Angelini; arch. D. Marzo; arch. S. Bueno; arch. V. Cavalli

The elementary school is the first step in the world of culture and knowledge. The actions proposed will be able to define a new urban structure. It will create an integrated and compact school campus which will find continuity with the extension of existing public green. The nursery, primary and secondary schools will become a series of public halls in the Park. The school must be inside the urban dynamic and must be a place capable of attracting and hosting activities and initiatives. The elementary school has to introduce the student to a diverse world, but retains its small scale.

The primary school Marconi, near the center of Aviano, shares with the secondary school, kindergarten and the new nursery a overlooking a large central public space, intended to green and sports fields, to form a sort of 'urban campus '.

Starting from this starting point, the project proposes a school building that establishes a relationship with the surrounding space on two livell: the core contains classrooms and spaces for teachers, arranged on one floor and overlooking ofa green heart, hortus conclusus protected for recreation and outdoor free activities; the perimeter strip instead welcomes pavilions for laboratories, canteen and special classrooms, which alternate open spaces equipped.

If the core meets the needs of protection and recollection, and configure as a large green courtyard, the crown of pavilions and public spaces is bent outwards towards the urban campus, the school offering the possibility of a structured dialogue with its surroundings: the system of access to the halls or device for opening and closing of public spaces allow, in fact, the use of special areas also in non-school hours, or the presence of activities that may involve other schools of the pole. For example, the auditorium and the gym will host performing and sports activities, movies and lectures open to the city; the music room will welcome young musicians as rehearsal space and recording; the Art Room will host workshops in painting and sculpture, while the classroom of English as a language center will offer courses.


The new school must...

guiding the first steps in the knowledge

The elementary school is the first step in the world of culture and knowledge



be a plural and global microcosm

The elementary school has to introduce students to a diversified, world, but retains its small-scale

The new school will be...

catalyst urban

the school must be within the urban dynamic a place capable of attracting and hosting activities and initiatives

institution in the city

the school becomes, in the panorama of the city of Aviano, a strong and shared reference point


Program project

Reorganization and regrouping of the available spaces


New school as a culture house

school but not only a building that opens to the city


Building inserted in the intervention area

           The central courtyard and the pavilions


The pavilions as urban facilities


            The green central courtyard as landscape


School campus

inclusion in urban systems

The proposed interventions will be grad to define the new urban spaces. It will create an integrated and compact school campus which will find continuity with the extension of existing public green. The nursery, primary and secondary schools will become a series of public pavilions in the park.


Pavilions and special rooms

Five pavilions with different forms facing the urban hosting special classes: the gym, auditorium, cafeteria, music room, art studio. As well as necessary to complement in school activities, such architectures are suitable for their favorable location for use even outside teaching hours: become for small scale Aviano possible new attractors and dispositive for the community.


Green Court

Enclosed by the school board is the green courtyard, a real landscape tendon. Through this court protected, students will experience the landscape, the seasons change, and a free and spontaneous ways of relating with the vegetal element. Walking trails through this topography that it appeals directly to Alpine landscapes on skylinie Aviano


Five courtyards

Each pavilion with its program defines a scope with specific vocations in the open space surrounding. The five courtyards, defined and enclosed by the walls of the school and by an enclosure give the opportunity to provide the city with new semi-public spaces. The courtyards are: the square of the board; the garden of the vegetable patch; the sports field; the playground; the sculpture garden and a small auditorium for outdoor performances.


Culture House

The combination of these components, (special pavilions, the central body of the classrooms, the outer ring of five courtyards) defines an organism of extreme variety and high performance. The new school will maximize a plural and inclusive teaching and will aim to Aviano as new urban catallizzatore


Green court

The Agora is a green hortus conclusus protected for recreation and outdoor free activities: a 'piece of nature' which offers a comparison with the evolution of the seasons, the growth of trees, maintenance and protection of biodiversity. Agora converge towards the visual relationships and internal routes to school.

Music pavilion - Cavea

The auditorium outdoors, with steps and wooden stage, defines a performance space gently sloping than the road profile, protected area in direct contact with the music room. The auditorium can also be used in synergy with the facing auditorium for performances indoors and outdoors.

Cafeteria - entrance square

The entrance square, in slate stone, welcomes graphics for outdoor group games. The white color of graphics and signage, on the dark pavement, facilitates orientation and identifies access. The mess hall, through the greenhouse teaching, can open up towards the square to accommodate outdoor activities.

Gym- sport garden

In overlooking the park, outdoor sports areas (basketball, table tennis) allow for shared use with the 'urban campus'. Near the canteen, educational gardens and the experimental garden place, in parallel to the greenhouse, an educational-experimental feature on the topic of proper nutrition.


Arts room - Playground

On the northwest side, towards asylum and kindergarten, the art classroom overlooking a protected playground: the lack of driveways and park nearby, invite to a public use of school hours. The flooring recycled rubber provides a secure and challenging game.


lecture hall - sculture garden

The sculpture garden, between the assembly hall / auditorium and art classroom, is transformed in the day from the exploration and experimental art space (during school hours) in public space of rest and contemplation (outside school hours), welcoming exhibitions and art installations open air.


The school is surrounded by a perimeter neutral: its facades are marked by a modular score, allowing multiple variations depending on the orientation and the program. An harmonic envelope, largely transparent and opened. The open spaces also differ in materials and surface treatments designed to emphasize their uniqueness. The spaces between the classrooms and those around the green courtyard are dotted with devices for teaching: individual spaces, work spaces for small groups, places to play and relax.



school universe:

The facades of the school as pages of a notebook


The interiors of the different pavilions differ in the coloration of the surfaces, favoring the identifiability and orientation within the school.




Class schedule: school attractive

a connected system and plural, able to offer students as much variety and versatility of learning situations.

out of schedule: new programs for Aviano

The pavilions can stay open after hours, accessible by
citizens of Aviano for different activities all and initiatives.


Natural light and ventilation

Diffused overhead light and  from the internal and external courtyards

The project proposes a concept of integrated sustainability: energy and the environment can not be separated from a broader economic and social sustainability, where the building-school must be lived and shared.

The energy-saving devices are therefore of conduct and best practices learning tools: the irradiance control facade with shields, passive recirculation through the skylights, the use of natural materials like wood and recycled tiles, the water recovery on green roofs of the classrooms, the solar greenhouse teaching.

Coverage of needs and control of dispersions (ITHACA protocols, LEED or Klimahouse) is via photovoltaic and thermal solar panels (covering cup) and high efficiency envelope (facades multilayered high thermal K and thermal break window frames, high-performance) .

Thermal comfort is provided by radiant floors with preheating and hygrometric control of the air. The 'box modules in a box' facilitate the adjustment or replacement of components during the life cycle.


permeability of separations

Flexibility in plant configuration of the classrooms. Opening of the classrooms to the outer courtyards.

In red permeable walls and the possibility of expansion of the formal teaching spaces to the distributive educational spaces: the classrooms are matched with each other and opening toward creating retail spaces intercycle classrooms