green gray factory

Europan 13- The adaptable city 2 - Runner up

the Bureau in collaboration with office La prima stanza

Green-Gray factory is a sort of chemical reaction between a productive platform and its surrounding, between the gray grid the green filter, between the "metallic" grid and the "oxygen" green.


Manhattan in reverse





a cleaning landscape phase, what we call “walking in a field of gold” by planting species like white lupines, sunflowers, indian mustards, mais. This plants are perfect to imbibe and  dismantle metals and the ground contaminating substances.



adaptable phasing

An high quality industrial/commercial area must deal above all with words such as efficency, productivity, output, profit, economy, performance. 



To revitalize an area and to create a logistic hub is to connect it best. The aim t is to preserve and to reinforce the existing links by creating a solid infrastructure connection which included waterways, railways, streets, cycle routes/bus lanes. 



The project ask any and all the companies involved in the settlement to put outside the gray grid some elements that could interfere with the logistic process while maximizing the plot surface for specific productive porpouse.



Phase n.1: initialization

The spirit of the grid is entrepeneurship! The platform can be freely “attacked” from north to south, from west to east, f, in relation to peculiar needs and desires.

You can freely decide the thickness of the band (25mt, 50mt, 75mt, etc.) creating the first step for an equalized pattern all along Y axe.

You will realize the streets and the cycle routes in order to create a clearly defined band perfectly connected. 

Phase n.2: stabilization

You can freely decide the members of the pool and so the partition of the band (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.) creating the first step for an equalized pattern all along X axe.

You can freely decide whether to develop your own band alone or within other companies in a sort of pool, cluster of enterprises.

Phase n.3: consolidation

This process could lead to very different final set-ups according to the different X and Y equalized pattern. Moreover, 

according to our analysis, there will be a breaking point once the band will reach a huge dimension: in that case probably 

the huge thickness band could be request by a single big enterprise for its specific factory and/or stockings.


the oxygen part

Logistic landscape

The nature landscape hosting a dense forest combining preexisting woodlands with new plantation of local essences, midsize trees for parking shadings, and linear rain-gardens for water-collection.

Natural landscape

The natural buffer, the green ring is the result of the combination of 2 different landscapes: the logistic landscape hosting the shared service areas and facilities for the individual enterprises.

Green filter

Each new investor and firm will thus take advantage of a fully liberated plot, that offers itself entirely to the factory and warehouse demands. All the services and facilities that can be shared or have communal relevance are in fact transferred into the natural ring.

sustainable enery production


landscape phasing development


Phase 1

All the available area outside and inside the perimeter of the future platform are planted with fast growing energy forest biomass production

Phase 2

The energy forest has accomplished its vocation of landscape of transition: the pre-paysagement is complete. Now the outern green ring is hosting a rich forest, merging the preexisting green.

Phase 3

On the west side of the platform the energy forest is locally replaced by shared service areas (such as parkings, loading bays and waste collectors) that include a more long term and stable kind of vegetation and trees. 


sustainable energy

The project combines modest and simple devices i.e. biomass fields with sophisticated technology i.e. kinetic railways to create a new landscape embracing the built and the natural environments. 

Landscape, architecture and infrastructure are combined to design an efficient diagram of sustainability that includes energy production, reuse of resources and principles od industrial ecology. 


Green technologies i.e.planting trees;     resilience tecnhnologies: rainwater management & waste management are relate to the idea of  sharing this site, minimizing waste spaces, waste energies, waste money. 

industrial fabric and green buffer