the Bureau in collaboration with Holt O’Brien; Gattaca; AP+E


In the parallel assignment of Ibsen Library, the municipality has defined a list of what the building should house:

- Library
- Dissemination Center for Henrik Ibsen
- Citizenservice (Extended Service Center), as well as some guidance services from NAV
- Tourist Information (Visitors Center)
- Organization for voluntary teams and associations

In this context, the Wildcard team will answer about

  • Room & Function Program

  • Sustainability Principles

Furthermore, the team also treats Ibsen's remarks can be translated into useful tools for further planning of the library. In addition to these two main tasks, the tender asks for a response that answers a lot of topics; Ibsen's authorship and the remarks, democratic values and social interaction, the local people, the identity and pride of the Ski, the international reputation, and finally how all this is woven into architecture and urban planning.

ibsen as patron.jpg

Ibsen as a patron for the culture program as a link to communicate contemporary ideas, not as a nostalgic character but as a modern influence


How can Ibsen's remarks be reflected in contemporary ideas, and remain off lasting relevance and prestige for Skien, and not just a fiction of nostalgic character? Not least, how is Ibsen commercialized in favor of Skien as municipality, its population and international attention (where statistics show low international interest)? Ibsen himself was also concerned with a different acknowledgment and attention, and had many well-known but strategic ways to achieve this, such as that all his works were published around Christmas higher visitor numbers, etc.

ibsen library skien norway

The new build works as a kickstarter, providing people with the necessary environment, services and tools for creativity and innovation, which can be further developped within the city of Skien

Create a festival dedicated to local and international talents in the contemporary and performative arts. Limit it to a single annual event to ensure economic, touristic and social sustainability

The artist residency program transforms Skien into a platform for production that involves the regeneration of the city and it’s landscape


Voluntary "exile" of the content creator. Skien as the perfect destination for an intelectual retreat within the small scaled urban layer and the remote nature areas. Formation of a creative infrastructure

The goal is to increase the connection between the local community and Ibsen’s figure. As cultural heritage, it is important for citizens to recognize Ibsen’s significance

Artistic residence as a place of production of all kinds of art where the artist is able to isolate himself to intensify the production process

residency program.jpg

The program aims at inviting artists, increasing the interaction with the community, the collaboration with local industries and professionals and including different areas of the city


The strategy here demonstrates how Ibsen's objection is understood and conveyed to different audiences through a particular artist (critical environment in Skien) as intermediaries over an entire year's perspective, through different media and media programs that include the people, increase appreciation and attract interest. A critical Point is how it also offers different levels to acquire the knowledge about Ibsen; from arrangements to children, the public and academics. thus, his remarks are also made available to most people and manifest themselves in local economy & industry, and prestige schemes accrued to his name.


The possibility of expanding the program and the activities of the new center into the city, while exploring the relationship with the neighboring Ibsen House

Within the framework of the festival a stage made of local timber is placed on the water and broadens the activities of the event

Transforming Skien into a stage, utilizing it’s open spaces to install ephemeral structures or host performances and engage the local community