sogin science villa

Scientific technologic Park - Awarded Project

competition for a Technologic Park connected to the National Radioactive Waste Storage - ITA

the Bureau in collaboration with office Laprimastanza

A new attractor

The PST is designed as a campus that can accommodate new ideas, start-ups, entrepreneurs, experimental laboratories, university research and offer all the necessary services because these companies can find the right opportunity for success.


Sustainable working environment

In the campus particular attention is paid to the environmental quality of the workplace, and the wellness part of the settlement, combining aspects of work with leisure aspects.





The campus structure makes possible the multiplication of opportunities and occasions of formal meetings and informally interweaving of disciplines, among different subjects of the PST.



the Italian villa typology

 The PST system takes its first inspired setting, very frequent in the Italian countryside, the villa and its garden.

The cross-disciplinary system "villa" in the Italian agricultural landscape have made them a valuable model to set the settlement and development of the technology park. The villa of the facility is based on three main characters that interact with each other in very close relationship and they are: the forest, the villa and garden.

These items are recorded and updated even for Sogin Science and Technology Park



Masterplan elements

The PST has a sole and exclusive entrance and a driveway for the mid-heavy mobility that rides along the entire perimeter of 40 ha regardless of the shapes and proportions of the area in question.

A majestic circular boulevard defines an "inside" and an "outside"; defines but does not separate, but the rule does not divide, controls but does not block.

Powerful and iconic landmarks buildings house the general services for the entire park. Compact, sculptural matrix these buildings, like 3 different actors are clearly distinguishable but also complementary.

L 'outside park has a surface treated in the forest that serves as a green barrier of visual protection, acoustic and atmospheric than around it and compared to the nearby National Deposit.

One is a quadrangular surfaces texture an opportunity for a winning pattern defining while internal cycle-pedestrian paths and green areas treated with various types of planting.

Question of buildings that will house the new features of the expansion phase of the park and in particular will be divided into 2 main types: compact buildings and jagged buildings.


Masterplan phasing

The project is developed in two main phases: an initial settlement phase and a subsequent expansion phase; each articulated in a series of steps that coordinate complex operations.

In the settlement phase will take place the main road infrastructure of the campus (hard loop mobility, soft mobility loop before penetration roads and parking lots of the first service to Sogin campus), the planting of the forest (poplar grove), and the urbanization of the inside-core areas (via a 'prelandscaping" will trace the cycle and pedestrian paths inside that define the different types of green areas, and the construction of the three landmarks that make up the headquarters Sogin becoming" urban lantern " the entire park, with the general services, the first of organization and administration offices, the first space laboratories, conference facilities, dining and relaxation areas).

In Phase Expansive, new functions will be introduce within the geometric and flexible wooded shirt of green crown, made in the first phase. The poplar grove will become thus the occasion for the development of clusters, incubators or buildings for consolidated companies that will find their natural habitat here to be born, grow, strengthen, transform.

Architecture Masterplan





Sogin core-zone

The central buildings of the first settlement phase containing the general services for the whole park and are a logistical and visual point of reference for other realities that arise individually outside the loop in second phase.




The buildings added in the expansion phase of the master plan (clusters) will enjoy all the isolation and autonomy necessary within the campus.





Thanks to the general services arranged in the core-areas will be possible to achieve different network which communicates the one with the other programs by creating a positive exchange and opportunities network.




Landscaping and ambiental aspects








As a meta-project masterplan can easily adapt his design to the needs and contextual constraints of a specific site. The simple division between indoor and outdoor area, will be applied to irregularly shaped sites, as well as including existing buildings or built environment, with maximum resilience.Even the layout of the buildings (especially in the expansionary phase) will be adaptable and variable in each case.



Public spaces: furniture and vegetation

Between one area and the other one of the geometric pattern of the garden, there are pleasant cycle and pedestrian paths dotted with equipped public spaces, interspersed with flower beds, seats, footrests for shows, decking for open-air sitting, and furniture .


Soft-mobility loop

The Loop is a shared space path for light transport (cycling and walking and electricity), where the PST goers can get to the various points of interest and can connect to the various hub in an easy, efficient park, dynamic. This route also becomes the occasion of rest, relaxation, interaction with the presence of wing chairs, flower beds, pergolas, platforms, deckings as well as parking for bikes and electric cars.

Inner gardens

The geometric garden, divided into definite areas from different vocations, is the pattern that defines the same time cycle and pedestrian paths. Depending on the garden through which one enters the atmosphere and change the landscape, making the ever-new campus park. Contact with water, playground, playgrounds experimental orchards, meadows and orchards is conceived as a continuous form of inspiration, a creative workshop where transforming energies and ideas in business, development and production.





Outside filter zone: Progetto dei parcheggi e strade 

The hard-mob loop, with its variable but clear geometry, traces the outside park boundaries, to a treated wood surface that acts as a green barrier of visual, acoustic and atmospheric protection protection than around it and compared to the nearby National Deposit. It will install a dense wooded area with tall plantings, a true poplar grove. Such forest green will have a shape as to be able to easily accept in its structure planted the car parks, trucks, busses, etc .. Input to the loop from the hard-mob park


Energetic sustainability


Wellness sustainability




Soil consumption





During the first stage of settlement in the inside areas they will be built 3 buildings that will act as a powerful and iconic landmarks containing the general services for the entire park. Compact, sculptural matrix but different plastic composition, these buildings, like 3 different players, are distinct but also complementary, will monitor the entire complex and will worthily represent the manifesto due to their compositional significance.


Landmark horizontal: Sogin headquarters

An elongated plate, infinite perceptually, runs for 300 meters and stands as an important landmark within the circular. The impressive architecture, which fully glazed surface creates vibrant tables spread over three levels and floats on light volumes, partly opaque, partly glazed, which contain management services, part of the administrative activities, of the activities of reception and refreshment of the park.
The floating plate instead presents the first floor in the central canteen with related services, to the sides, respectively, a library and an exhibition hall, the ends spaces for mixed laboratories to study rooms and training rooms for the first 400 units.
The second floor instead contains offices for employees, games rooms, relaxation areas of various types, geometries, dimensions, so as to guarantee maximum flexibility and maximum comfort for the most varied utilities and needs. All along the floating plate a variable texture patios passers brings natural light and greenery in each building's interior.
On the roof, a huge area designated for sustainable technologies (photovoltaic, solar thermal areas, solar reflectors and a dense network of main and secondary routes for maintenance and / or inspection) is one of the sustainability of the entire park icons.


Landmark vertical: the tower

A square tower, a building of 7 storeys, a mere shell, balanced, clear container, defined and because of this open and flexible in accommodating various activities and functions. The regular plan and the frame bearing structure allows for maximum flexibility of space. Each floor is a real free programmatic platform: the views from up there are stunning and 360 °. This landmark was achieved in all its development as early as the first stage of settlement and will then be gradually used by future users of the park during the entire life cycle of the same PST.


Camouflage landmark: the mountain

Unexpectedly, a strip of one of the rectangular inside areas surfaces used as a grassy lawn is lifted, identifying optimum protection for the two conference rooms, a main 360-seat and a secondary 50 seats with its entrance foyer, bookshop, deposits and services. And 'this is the center of dissemination and promotion of the park. And 'This is the heart of the teaching center, where one of the two rooms will serve as a lecture hall. A building that becomes landmark because of its being surprisingly camouflage, especially in the perception that it has from the top and in 'appear in all its simplicity and elegance at head height: a delicate ribbon glass that goes gradually disappearing in the green surface .


Cluster: edifici fase espansiva

Durante la seconda fase nuove volumetrie andranno ad insediarsi nell’outside zone: trattasi di edifici che accoglieranno le nuove funzioni della fase espansiva del parco. Saranno suddivisi in due macro tipologie: edifici frastagliati ed edifici compatti.


Jagged buildings
The buildings will house jagged startups, new businesses, new companies, groups of professionals in the park will begin their new  work experience, research and development, rather than branch offices of university departments and research workers and tests . They will be externally simple volumes, but by the very high degree of versatility and flexibility aggregative to allow any single company to be born, grow and transform itself both as organic and as physical and geographical space.
These volumes will occupy the centripetal outside end zones so as to be in proximity to the loop and the main services of the park and will have soft-mob why a jagged shape.

Compact buildings
The compact buildings will be the logistics of storage spaces, production and / or storage.
They will be externally simple volumes and compact size for maximum efficiency and maximizing logistics and will occupy the centrifugal outside end zones so as to be close to the hard-mob loop since it will be attended by means of locomotion such as heavy trucks, lorries, buses for loading and unloading.